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This photograph prompts the viewer to question whether or not the young subject is aware of the sexual nature of the image or still too innocent to understand.

Why the androgynous nature of her models.

The result is laziness. She explained that she needs to keep working with the model or may loose the working connection and energy she has with the model.

The print was displayed at one of her UK exhibitions recently. At times I did already have a certain location in mind, such as the small wooden house that I could see from my hotel window, but often the location was pure coincidence.

Her body is placed at an angle to the camera, as if she is about to enter the shed, but her face is turned upwards, her eyes closed, as if she has been caught in a state of rapture. Her description of this was dramatic referring to it as "like sculpting on a living soul" She feels a strong responsibility for her models and the look she gives them as she has chosen them in the first place for qualities they are perhaps unaware they have at this point.

Images of reverie contrast with the more straightforward portraits of mothers and babies, often photographed so as to emphasise the bodily transformations that have taken place, and the protective bond between mother and child.

In the series, Going my Own Way Home, van Meene photographed residents of an impoverished neighbourhood in the post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleansfocusing more on the cultural and economic context of her subjects than in her previous works.

This takes attention away from the model and affects your creative concentration". She uses her models as she would a piece of fabric strewn across a bed, as one piece of a whole. Believing you have the best result sooner means you are not working as hard".

I am far too impatient to spend a lot of time looking for the right model. In I left these familiar surroundings, when I was invited by the Japan Foundation to contribute to the Japanese pavilion at the Architectural Biennial in Venice.

Hellen felt that while a warm image may sometimes create a more immediately pleasing image, a cooler, bluer image, produces the more painterly effect that she prefers.

Petersburg stairs Stalin Stasia still life tattoo The Secret Life Of Girls tiles Tokyo trailer tree trees trio twins UK underwear uniform USA Veda vintage vintage blouse vintage dress wall wallpaper water weddingdress wet white white wall wig wind window windows wood yellow About Hellen Artist Hellen van Meene Alkmaar, Netherlands, is known for her mostly square photographic portraits of teenage girls.

Source au 08 02 Her mother gave her a camera at age Because I know them, I know exactly which girl matches the situation. Interestingly even the boys seem to have an androgynous quality to them.

She said this was the only significant piece of equipment as it got her started down the road she is on now. Mostly the girls would bring their own clothes, but it also happened that I quickly bought something. They vary from a Korean girl to a blushing red head.

When the magazine decided to commission a portfolio of photographs of young Japanese women, van Meene's work immediately came to mind. Invan Meene photographed a series of mothers and expecting women from Russia, the United Kingdom and Latvia.

As a digital photographer I had to blush slightly at this moment. From the glamorous and theatrical celebrity photographs of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin seen in the Great Performers portfolio in our Feb.

A total focus on her work with an attention to a minutiae of detail. It seems fitting, then, that she will be exhibiting simultaneously in London and Tokyo, with the title of her exhibition in Tokyo seeming to sum up her approach: Androgynous boys and girls emerge in her work.

The advantage of photography is that you achieve your goal much faster, that you have instant result. Only then you see the texture of the skin so beautifully. And saw her potential. Hellen Van Meene began photographing her friends when she was 15 as a hobby.

At 18, she chose to study photography at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Van Meene felt the teachers at the Academy helped her to develop her ideas, emphasizing content, rather than technique. hellen van meene fotografió a adolescentes tímidos durante 20 años. Find this Pin and more on Exhibition by Dorien Scheltens.

Artist Hellen van Meene (Alkmaar, NL, is known for her (mostly) square photographic portraits of girls that are exhibited around the world. hellen-van-meene-portraits-photography-4 See more.

Otherworldly Portraits By Hellen Van Meene. Photoshoot inspiration Photo booths Portrait - photographers Portraits Fashion Photography Art Photography Vans Artist Adolescence. Best known for her blunt portrayal of girls on the brink of adulthood, Hellen van Meene is a Dutch natural light photographer.

Hellen van Meene Show Opens at Hague Museum of Photography

She explores the vulnerability and uncertainty of adolescent life through her work. Hellen van Meene was born in in Alkmaar, Netherlands. From toshe studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. During this time, she briefly studied at the College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland, in Hellen van Meene, Zonder titel,39 x 39 cm, c-print.

A RETROSPECTIVE of work by celebrated Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene, entitled The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits, opens next month at Fotomuseum Den Haag. Van Meene is known for her formally staged, unsettling portraits of gauche adolescent girls seemingly lost in thought.

Hellen van Meene Hellen van meenes photography essay
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