Importance learning history essay

I hope this makes you laugh: By the time the final distinguished speaker began his remarks I feared that we would be told the humanities were invented yesterday in sudden meta-post-Postmodernist fabrication.

Studying history allow to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors so we do not do the same things they did and work to become a better place.

Besides, we also learn from past mistakes made by our forefathers and avoid repeating them. It is impossible to exhaust all the reasons why it is important to study history. Knowing history helps you learn geography, political figures of the past, as well as have a small understanding of the advent of many things in modern society.

People tend to underestimate the power of history. I can leave a lasting impression that will evoke revulsion at the mere mention of the word. It does not matter what you intend to do to make money, knowing and understanding what happened in the past can you understand what is happening now, how things will work out, and what the future may hold.

Usually I have to sort through conflicting testimony to get to the truth of the matter. Through the study of history, citizens, policy makers, and governments as a whole can identify patterns of behaviors and cycles that led to both positive and negative turns in events.

For a knowledge to be considered historical, there has to be a at least, a slight truth about the situation that it is about.

Importance Of History

The modern historian prides himself on being a recorder of attested and verified facts. Columbus undertook the trip to prove that he was right. In so doing one severs contact with what so motivated and energized these great humanist scholars and with the perspective on human life and conduct that they opened up.

An outstanding example of the practical application of the study of history in our modern times and its usage to avoid a recurring issue is the wreck of the oil tanker the Exxon Valdez.

History is important in that it reveals all of the past. When we turn to the past, we find examples of what communities can achieve when they collaborate on solutions to propel humanity forward during times of harrowing hardship — an ongoing reality shared across generations.

Columbus was but the first of many such oppressors. It has been said before by the philosopher George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. It has become painfully obvious that no researcher is a blank slate. He approached the king and queen of Spain, but they kept putting him off.

As an individual, you know that others can understand your views or opinions better if they understand who you are personally. So this subject is an important aspect that students must study. History is what defines us giving us a clear understanding of the world around us.

They taught rhetoric, poetry and what they sometimes called humanitas, meaning more or less what Cicero had meant by it, "the knowledge of how to live as a cultivated, educated member of society," as Grendler phrase it.

The Shrinking Humanities

Part of my information is my knowledge of human beings in general; part of my information is the knowledge I have assembled over the lifetimes of these particular children. I recently did some reading about the history of homosexuality. This would imply there is no basis for saying that one historical account is true and another one false.

It is important to study history because as people live in the present, they tend to worry about the future. Without informed thought, the same mistakes are made repeatedly and the same solutions continue to evolve.

On October 9th, there was almost a mutiny, but Columbus reached an agreement to sail west three more days before turning back. Zinn thinks history should tell the story of this all important struggle, regardless of national divisions.

In America the most obvious importance of studying history is that it provides facts about families and how they have interacted and survived vast historical changes.

What a historian finds significant is not entirely a personal choice; it is largely shaped by his training and his colleagues.

national history textbooks seems to be to glorify the nation, to explain why “we” are better than anyone else, and to justify why we should impose our religion, our system of government, and our values on other people in other parts of the world.

Importance Of History. one can understand the importance of the social welfare programs if one looks at the Great Depression and New Deal. By learning about the causes and effects of.

The Importance of History in Our Own Lives These two fundamental reasons for studying history underlie more specific and quite diverse uses of history in our own lives.

History well told is beautiful. Too often, history is overlooked or dismissed, when every decision that we have ever made has been made before, in one form or another, over the course of history.

The past lives in us. The Importance of History Essay - The Importance of History Can anything worthwhile be gained from continued research into historical events. History seen as study of the past is an integral part of many education systems across the world.

Many countries spend huge amounts of money and resources to uncover their past. Importance of History Essay Words | 4 Pages. Many students wonder why the study of history is so important in today’s curriculums.

A simple answer to that is, one cannot proceed without knowledge of the past, or to say that one learns from others mistakes as well as their own.

Importance learning history essay
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Importance Of History